Promaster RV Storage

Ample Overhead Storage

On both sides of the van over the beds are overhead cabinets.  These cabinets are about 16" high and 16" deep so there's lots of room inside.  The rear cabinet on each side is about 60" long and does not have a separator inside so it's possible to store long or large items easily.

All cabinets are fitted with push-lock pulls.  This makes it easy to open the overhead doors but keeps them securely closed while traveling.  All cabinet doors are also fitted with pneumatic springs as well as soft-closers.

Under Bed Drawers

Under the passenger side bed are two huge drawers.  These pull out on full-extension slides and are fitted with push-lock pulls.  Each of these drawers will hold more than the largest suitcase that people normally check on airlines.  It's extremely easy to fit two weeks or more worth of clothing in each drawer.

Behind Bed Storage

Behind the passenger side bed is also a long storage bin.  This is a great place for folding chairs, tarps, poles or other long items.

Wardrobe and Generator Storage

On the passenger side of the bathroom is a cabinet that has a wardrobe on the top for hanging clothes.  In the bottom part of the cabinet is an area that can be used to store a 2kw inverter generator or other items if the generator is not used.  The generator must, of course, be removed and used only outside.

Cord and Hose Storage

In this van build, no available space was wasted.  In front of the wardrobe in the bathroom, the floor is elevated to be level with the top of the shower pan.  This made an area underneath that is used for cords, hoses and tools.  A cleaver use of what could have been wasted space.

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