Promaster RV Kayak Roof Rack

The Big Problem

How do you get two 12' Ascend fishing kayaks onto the high roof of a Promaster van?  Each of these kayaks weigh in excess of 75 pounds so I did not want to try to lift them up or pull them up onto the roof.  Even if I could, how would I tie them down?  I also did not want a ladder fastened to the outside of the van.

After looking at lots of ladder racks and building some miniature models I finally came up with the solution - a rack that rolls back and tilts down!

Concept drawing of the rack system.

Kayak Roof Rack Step-by-step

1. Remove the kayak dolly and unlock the sliding rack.

2. Use the extension rod to release the latch and slide the rack back.

3. Continue pulling the rack back. At a certain balance point, the rack will tilt down. Lower it to the ground.

4. Insert the dolly into the scupper holes.

5. Remove the straps and rotate the kayak to the ground.

6. Putting the kayak back on the roof is the exact opposite of these steps.

The rack has places for padlocks as shown above.  To add even more security, it is easy to use a cable lock through the scupper holes of the kayak and around the sliding frame of the rack.  That way even if someone climbs up on the roof thinking they can borrow your kayak, it will be a pretty long and tough job.  Also note that the kayak paddles can be strapped to the sliding rack frame.  It is also possible to bungee a duffel bag inside the kayak to carry other kayaking equipment.

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