Promaster RV Living-Eating-Sleeping

The Living Area

One of the nicest things about this floor plan is that the living area is that it is open and airy. For two people, there is plenty of room to spread out and if you have guests, four or more people can be comfortable.


The ample windows also provide great views of the outdoors and let in plenty of fresh air.


To convert the living area into a dining or work area, the table sets up in just a minute.  Two legs screw into recessed mounts in the floor and the table easily attaches.  As with the seating, the table is quite large for two people and can easily accommodate four or more.

King Size Bed Lengthwise

Sleeping in this van is really versatile.  It can be set up as shown in this picture as a king size bed lengthwise, or by just moving the pillows and bedding, it is possible to sleep cross-wise in the van as shown below.  This is particularly handy when you pull into a camp late a night and can't really determine the angle of the ground.  Just make up the bed and sleep with your head to whichever side seems best. Whether you sleep lengthwise or cross-wise, the bed is the same size.

King Size Bed Cross-wise

Here is the bed set up for sleeping cross-wise. 

Twin Beds

In addition to making the bed up as a king size, you can also sleep as two twin size beds with the isle down the middle.

Evening Entertainment

At the end of the day's adventure you can dim the lights and enjoy a video on the built-in 24" smart-tv. Stream from you phone or computer, or source from usb memory or video feed.  The sound and picture are great for life on the road. With the interior lights dimmed and curtains drawn, the van is also extremely stealthy.

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