Promaster RV Kitchen

General Kitchen Design

The kitchen consists of an overhead cabinet that houses the microwave and control panel and the kitchen sink cabinet that houses the refrigerator and four full extension drawers. 

The general design has wider drawers on the bottom section to optimize storage while allowing the driver's seat to be pushed to the back of the track and reclined to a comfortable angle.

Microwave and Control Panel

The overhead cabinet above the kitchen counter contains the microwave and the control panel.  The microwave is pretty standard and is fastened into the cabinet with longer screws through the cabinet as well as the existing feet on the oven.  Space is provided below the microwave and above for necessary air flow.

The control panel is custom designed and laser engraved.  Above the microwave is an auxiliary 110v outlet as well as the remote control for the 2500w inverter. That remote also has a battery level meter.   The inverter can be turned on/off from this panel so it does not run all the time and drain battery.

The left section has the 12v master fuse at the top as well as a pilot that lights when the van is plugged into shore power.  Below that is the switch for the electric hot water heater.  Next is the level indicator for the fresh and grey water tanks which also has the switch for the electric water pump.  Finally at the bottom are a pair of dimmers for the overhead and accent LED lights. On the under side of this cabinet is another LED light to illuminate the kitchen counter.


Kitchen Counter Top

The counter top contains a two burner induction cooktop, stainless sink and a 110v outlet box.  The induction cooktop is faster than a propane stove and does not put off any fumes.  

The sink is small but workable and has both hot and cold running water from the electric pump.  A water filter on the faucet can be set to output filtered or unfiltered water.

The 110v outlet box on the back left corner has three outlets and two USB charging ports.  Above the counter is a work light and paper towel holder.

Kitchen Drawers

Below the sink are four full extension drawers.  The top one is constructed so that it clears the sink drain giving a shallow tray in the middle and two taller trays on either side.

The bottom drawer is deep enough for large pots and pans.  All drawers have push-button locking pulls to the drawers closed while driving.


The refrigerator is a 110v unit typically used in dorm rooms or similar applications. It has a large freezer compartment and lower area with a vegetable drawer as well as door storage shelves.  Total volume is 3.2 cubic feet which is enough for about a week's worth of groceries.

The 110v unit was chosen first because of cost, but secondly because of the large freezer compartment.  This fridge costs less than $200 retail and has worked flawlessly for over two years on the road. It will run for about 3 days on the battery system in the van.

Because it's not designed for mobile use, the doors are held closed with Velcro which has worked quite well.

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