Promaster RV Bath

The Bath

Having a complete bathroom when traveling is a great luxury.  In this van, the bath has a toilet, sink and shower as well as its own lighting.

A Porta-Potti was used because it is inexpensive, does not require a black water tank and is easy to empty.  Unlike most motorhome toilets that are expensive to repair, this unit can be easily and cheaply replaced if that ever becomes necessary.

Normally the holding tank on this unit will last about a week for two people. That time can be lengthened by using restrooms in gas stations, rest areas and campgrounds.

As shown in this photo, the wardrobe and lower storage doors are constructed so that they can hinge out and form a complete door to close off the bath for privacy.

The Shower

By moving the toilet and removing a filler section, the shower pan is exposed. The shower curtain is pulled around to form a complete water-proof shower area.  The pull-out faucet also serves as the shower head.

Because the grey water tank is inside at the same level as the bottom of the shower, a small self-priming pump is used to drain the shower while in use.  A toggle switch is located near the bath light (shown in photo below) to control the pump.

The Sink

A small sink completes the bath.  The faucet doubles as a hand-held shower.  In this photo, the switch for the drain pump is visible at the top right.

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